Sunday, February 13, 2011

4 days til baby!

I'm not counting today (Sunday) because it's almost over :o)  And I'm not counting Friday because we'll be up and going before the sun comes up!  I am getting so excited...almost giddy!  Yesterday was Kris's 3rd 12- hour day in a row, and I was so tired and cranky.  I was short with the kids and my poor parents came for a visit and I was totally grouchy all day.  Katie was really having some jealousy issues and trouble being good, and by bedtime, I almost cried myself to sleep, I was so discouraged.  Today was Kris's first of three days off, and I just can't explain how happy it makes me when he is home with us.  There is something about his presence that just calms always has.  He has done an amazing job of helping with the kids, cooking, and cleaning during this pregnancy, I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful husband during these past 9 months.  We have had an amazing day with our church family today too, it has totally energized me and made me just feel so blessed and happy.  We have a great Sunday School class, and have become pretty close with some of the people in it.  My friends, Emmalee, Charisse, and Sabrina have been such an encouragement to me!  Our pastor had a great message, the music was beautiful, and Kris had the privilege of giving the testimony and prayer for his friend, Brian during his baptism.  So many people in our church have been praying for us through our pregnancy, and so many people had kind words for us today.  Tonight was our annual  youth soup cook-off and pie auction at church, and it was a lot of fun to watch the competition and fellowship.  The weather was also beautiful the 50's and just gorgeous!  I can't thank God enough for this great day...I needed it so much. 

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