Friday, June 01, 2012

It's Friday, and it's SUMMERTIME!

I couldn't be happier that it's Friday this week!  I worked in the church this week, and between answering the phone with loud kiddos in the background, and Asher running all over the place in his "fast runnin' shoes" I am pooped!  I have gotten so used to my homemaking routine, so used to the comfort of being at home, that I had started to take it for granted.  I will be so very happy to be back to a routine next week.  I am so very very blessed to be able to be at home with my kids.  God is so good to allow this for us!  We do have a busy week coming up, Katie is starting softball, and Asher is starting "Blast ball" for the month of June.  We have 4 or 5 games a week for the month of June.  It should be exciting!

Katie's garden is growing!  We have three big tomatoes growing and one new little addition, a green pepper!  Katie has done a great job with checking on them every day.  We are excited to make salsa!  I've been collecting recipes to try.

We had a really nice Memorial Day weekend.  We stayed at home, and tried a bunch of new healthy recipes.  We also had one "unhealthy" meal of fried trout (from our awesome fisherman brother-in-law, Michael) and homemade hushpuppies, and I have to tell was so incredibly delicious!  One of our other favorite foods that we tried was grilling chicken with a dry rub on was so good!  We have always marinated in an oil based marinade, so this was a little healthier option for us.

I got the Slip-n-Slide out for the kids on Monday, and they loved it!  Claire was kind enough to give me a funny faced pose while sitting in the water!  This is the face she makes all of the time, and it totally cracks us up!  She loved the water, and wasn't afraid to get right in the sprinkler part!  Asher never did quite get the "sliding" part of it, but he sure had a good time playing in the water!  Katie hurt her knee again with a bike wreck, so she didn't slide today...I think she felt like she was too big...which makes me sad.  She is really growing up.  She would rather just watch, and listen to her ipod.  She still listens to Christian music (most of the time) and still loves to listen to "Adventures in Oddessy" every day, and lately she's been watching Disney channel shows a lot.  The kids are all growing so fast, makes me feel the need to cherish each day!

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