Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ok...time to GET IT TOGETHER...

I have been struggling so much with my eating and exercise during the past week.  I just let myself have some "treats" and it has gotten out of hand, and I haven't exercised for a few days.  I have been fighting a head cold/allergies/sinus stuff and just haven't been motivated to jump out of bed and go early in the morning like I had been.  I have got to get it back together first thing in the morning.  My plan is to just leave my Sparkpeople webpage open in a window on the computer all day, so I can enter every bite that goes in my mouth.  I was doing this so religiously at first, and I have just slacked off and I can definitely tell.  I need the accountability and structure.  I can do this...I know I can...I just have to get back on my feet, dust myself off and keep going!

We have had a good weekend.  Yesterday we went to a friend's birthday party and swimming at our water park/pool.  The kids had fun, Claire loved it!  She just loves the water.  Asher had a lot of fun playing with his friend, Evan, and my friend Charisse and I were able to visit and catch up.   Kris had to work today, so we made him a yummy lunch and the kids gave him his "Daddy Day" presents during his lunch break, they were so excited for him to come home!  They gave him two Coleman lanterns that we picked up at a garage sale.  He loves old Coleman stuff, lanterns, heaters, thermos', etc. so he was thrilled with our thrifty gift!  I "helped" the kids make a little card to go on the lantern, it says, "You light up our Life, Daddy! We love you!  Happy Father's Day!"

 We tried to take a family picture before Kris went back to work, but it didn't work out too well...ha!

Oh--and one more thing for today--today marks 7 years of blogging for me!  My first entry was on June 17, 2005, isn't that the craziest thing?  There have been times when my blog entries were so few and far between, but I am so glad I have kept it going!  It is amazing to look back at my old posts and have PROOF of God working in our's just overwhelming to see all He has done for us!

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