Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A Note + a teeny bit of coffee + a haircut = WEIGHTLOSS!

I am so, so, so excited to report that this morning when I stepped onto the scale, I saw beautiful numbers!  I currently weigh 19.2 pounds less than I did on May 2, 2012!  Almost 20...can you believe it? 


My title is kind of funny, but I think those things really did mentally help me this past week.  My sister wrote me a note, that said this:

"Hey there!  I just wanted to send you a little note to let you know how awesome I think you are for sticking with your healthy living plan!  I know it is not easy to break bad habits and to make time for exercising but you are doing it!  And doing it so well!  I am super proud of you!  You are making changes that are benefitting your whole family and I wanted you to know that I am happy for you!  Love you!  Love, Crystal"
This note was such an encouragement to me, it just made my whole day!  I try and read it every day for motivation! 

I had planned on going 1 month without coffee, just to kind of test the waters, and see how I did without it.  It felt horrible at first, and I just didn't think I could make it without it, but my coffee cravings slowly got less intense.  It wasn't just the caffeine, as any coffee drinker can tell you, it's the smell of it brewing, the way a full mug of hot coffee feels in your hands, the early morning quietness, and that first sip...oh my!  Anyhoo...I did it, I made it an entire month without coffee!  I decided to brew just a little bit the other day, and it was so, so, good and I didn't feel guilty, in fact, I felt liberated almost, that I could have coffee when I wanted it, without the guilt, without feeling like I had to have it every single day or I couldn't move.  I seem to have a lot more energy on the days I have been having it, mostly just because it makes me HAPPY! 

Oh, and one more thing that has contributed to my weight loss...a haircut!  There must have been a pound of hair lying on the ground afterward!  Ha!

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