Monday, October 08, 2007

14 weeks this week!

We saw the doctor last week, and she has decided to take an average between the day that our sonogram indicated we were due, and the date of my last rather than 13 weeks tomorrow, we're calculated to be at 14 weeks. We were able to hear the heartbeat again, and it was such a beautiful sound! We also found out that we will be having the sonogram to determine whether we are having a boy or girl on November 8th-just a month away! I am so excited! It will be wonderful to be able to start collecting things in colors besides yellow and white! Doctor is a little bit concerned about my blood sugar, so she is having me take several tests and check my blood sugar. I'm feeling a little better, and starting to have little bursts of energy here and there...those are nice.

We had MaryAnn's baby shower this weekend, and it went well. We also moved our garage sale find of the century (an amazing swingset and fort for Katie) into our backyard. I didn't get a lot of other things accomplished this weekend.

Anita's baby is coming on Friday! I'm so excited for her! :o) Yay!

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