Monday, October 15, 2007

A lot has happened since last Monday...

Anita had her baby on Monday, October 8th at 3:18 pm! He weighed 8.54 lbs and has dark hair. He decided to arrive on his own! Katie and I jumped in the car and drove to KC to see them. It was so nice to be there and see him and see Anita. Aiden is precious--just the sweetest little guy in the world! Mama did great-I knew she would!

Tuesday I took Katie to karate, and when I got home, I was super-ill...fever, vomiting, the whole nine yards...I felt awful. The next morning I went to go see the doctor, because I was really worried about the fever. She wanted to admit me to the hospital for fluids, but I promised I would drink and rest if she let me go home. She did a sonogram in the office to check baby, and baby is fine...great heartbeat, and I was able to see those precious arms and legs! She did a strep test, and it was positive...I had no idea that strep throat was the culprit...It really did me in, I felt terrible until Friday afternoon when the antibiotics finally kicked in. We scheduled our sonogram for Wednesday, November 7! We're so excited to find out what we're having-it's like another wonderful level of happiness! We're 15 weeks this week! Yay!

This weekend Kris cleaned and stained the new swingset. I think Katie is going to love it when it gets finished! It is looking really nice. Kris has worked so hard on it...he is a great dad!

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