Tuesday, October 23, 2007

16 weeks!

Not too much new to report today. I met with the dietician, and she taught me how to count carbs so that my blood sugar levels will even out. Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment, will hopefully hear the heartbeat with the doppler again...I've been kind of 'crampy" this week, so it will be a big relief to hear it. I think I have just been a little stressed...not sure why. We still have 24 weeks to go until we meet our sweet baby, but I am just so anxious to get the room ready. After we find out what we are having on November 7th, I will definitely be getting started on the room. We are trying to get Katie's new room cleared out so we can paint and re-do trim and doors, then we'll start on the babies room (Katie's old room).

Bobby and MaryAnn will be having their baby on Friday if she doesn't go on her own by then. We're all so excited to meet little Trey! I can't wait to hold him.

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