Friday, April 16, 2010

On the eve of 2...

Oh sweet boy, I can't believe you will be two years old tomorrow!  I remember being on cervadil this time two years ago, getting some little contractions going, so incredibly excited that you would be with us the next day.  The next few days (and honestly weeks) were a blur with the unexpected c-section and recovery.  I couldn't believe how blessed we were to have you!  It was amazing just holding you in our arms, looking into your pretty blue (but slightly crossed) eyes!  You were amazing!  Two years later you are ALL boy!  Into everything!  Exploring every single bit of the world around you, obsessed with opening every last tea bag and dumping it onto the floor, into every drawer, every shelf where you're not supposed to be!  You climb out of your crib at least 3 or 4 times each night before you finally give in to sleep, you would much rather play until you give out and snuggle in Daddy's arms on the couch.  You want your tricycle AND your wagon inside if you must stay in, but you would prefer to LIVE outside!  You love playing with Hoss and Jake, you love "bees" (birds), and the (mewn) moon at night.  You love "Melmo" and showing us the boo-boo's on your knees.  You love trains (choo-choo's) and tractors (trattors), and you climb into the driver's seat of every riding lawn mower you see (even if they aren't ours!)  You give the sweetest dimpled smiles, you have the prettiest, biggest, bluest eyes!  You run to us when we come in the door.  When you snuggle against my chest with your legs and arms tucked into your belly, it melts my HEART!  When you say Mama and Dadda and Sissy, sometimes I get goosebumps, because we have YOU and I HEAR you saying my name!  You are an amazing blessing from God, little nugget.  We're so in love with you!  I love you!
Love, Mama

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crystal said...

ahh....he was the long awaited one wasn't he? We love you little man!