Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's another little mystery and other updates!

We had our sonogram yesterday, and the tech was not 100% sure, but said that if he were betting, he would say our sweet baby is a GIRL!  The important thing we learned is that our baby has all of it's organs and looks normal and healthy!  We feel so incredibly blessed!  Kris and Katie (and me too...honestly) are just a little disappointed that we don't know for sure, but it might be kind of fun to be surprised!  We'll just have to pack things for a little boy or a little girl to take to the hospital unless Dr. S. orders another one, and she likely will before delivery, just to make sure baby is ready for the c-section. 

We're planning to be completely moved from the other house this weekend, and I think I will feel an enormous relief.  I've been moving things back in the Honda, and I know already that we are going to have another garage sale soon!  We have way too much stuff!  We should close on our refinancing this week, too, and we're just feeling so blessed to be able to afford our home again.

We're looking forward to lots of fall fun stuff in October.  Friday night is Homecoming for IHS Bulldogs, and they are undefeated so far, playing Coffeyville!  We think we might try and go to the game.  Katie's school's Fall Fest is next Friday night, and then on Saturday, we're having a work day at Mom and Dad's with a bonfire and hay ride.  Then of course, Neewollah is coming at the end of the month and Halloween!  Asher is going to be an Alligator and Katie is thinking of being "Kris-The Wal-Mart Manager" for Halloween!  We really like visiting our neighbors on Halloween, it's just a fun time.  Lot's to look forward to!

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