Monday, September 13, 2010

Unmerited favor...

Can I just say that God is AMAZING?  We are not deserving of his awesome power, his ability to work in our lives, and we sure don't deserve his forgiveness and grace.  But he is a God of LOVE!  Yesterday our pastor reminded us of the story of the prodigal son.  Jesus was painting a beautiful picture of how God is with us...waiting on the porch, scanning the horizon, looking for his children...ready to RUN to them and hold them when they come back to him!  I feel like that lost daughter, who has just been floundering around, trying to find my way, making wrong turns, wrong decisions, and who has finally just decided to go home to my Father, and crawl in his arms and let him handle all of my problems.  I feel so incredibly blessed this morning.  Just amazing! 

This week we have had some amazing blessings happen.  After some prayer and 6 months of waiting and wondering,we took the house off the market this week.  We visited with Marilyn about it and she was so gracious and understanding.  We visited with our realtor, and she too, was just so supportive of our decision.  We applied for a new mortgage to refinance our loan. We were approved with at 4.75% interest rate!  Our payment will go down by $200.00 beginning in December!  We were thrilled!  We also had a couple of other financial blessings that were just huge to us.  It's amazing how God works, even when we don't make good decisions.  I know he is with us, loving us, even when we make mistakes and sin. Again, I just feel incredibly blessed.

We see Dr. S. tomorrow morning.  I am praying to hear that strong beautiful heartbeat with the Doppler.  We're praying that everything is ok.  I can't feel too much movement yet.  I have a lot of numbness in my belly area where nerves may have been damaged during Asher's c-section, so I'm hoping that's the reason I'm having trouble feeling the baby move.  We'll have our sonogram next week to find out if we're having a girl or boy.  My morning sickness is getting so much better, I'm still hoping for that burst of energy in the 2nd trimester, I have a lot to do!  Baby nesting here I come!

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