Thursday, October 07, 2010

20 weeks-we're half-way to our sweet baby today!

Yay!  We made it to 20 weeks today!  I'm so happy!  I feel so blessed!  I still can't believe it's happening!  I'm feeling the baby move now, just tiny little bumps, but I love it.  I still don't look too pregnant, because I'm such a big girl, but I am wearing mostly maternity clothes now.  I still haven't gained weight, only lost about 3 pounds, but again, with me being overweight already, we're doing ok.  I'm feeling ok, with morning sickness still *pretty much* gone.  I'm just still tired a lot, but I think that has to do with just taking care of Asher and the house.  We've been thinking about names a lot, even though we don't know for sure if it's a girl.  We have Palmer James picked out for a boy, and Claire_______ for a girl.  We need name help!  We love the name Avery Claire, but Kris really truly wanted the first name to be we'll see!  Maybe we will just need to look at her face to know for sure.  We're trying to decide whether to pay for another sonogram on our own, maybe a 3-D one, to find out for sure if she's a girl.  The insurance and type of clinic only pays for one unless ordered by the doctor.  Hopefully we will know before we go to the hospital so we'll know what to pack!  We just can't wait.  It's nice, though, that during our waiting time, we have so many holidays and other things to keep us busy!  :o)  We can't wait for our little Valentine!

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