Thursday, October 21, 2010

22 Weeks and good news at the doctor's office today!

My blood pressure was much, much better and my lab tests that they took last week were ok!  I feel so incredibly thankful and blessed!  I am really feeling our little one move around these days, I love that wonderful!  We're 22 weeks along today, only 17 more to go!  We'll probably have the baby at 39 weeks somewhere around February the 16th-18th!  I still wish we could find out *for sure* that she's a girl!  We're just going to plan on pink and take one baby blue outfit to the hospital *just in case*.  Either way, we are so blessed to have this little one on the way!

We have some fun days coming up!  Tonight we're going to Bryce's last football game of the season in Altamont.  Tomorrow at 8 pm Kris starts vacation!  Saturday is our nephew, Tre's 3rd birthday party, and we're looking forward to using our new firepit a couple times this weekend.  Next week is Neewollah here in Indy!  Monday night Katie and I are going to honor our tradition of attending the Queen Neelah Talent Competition.  Wednesday the food boothes open, Friday is the Kid's parade, and Saturday morning is the Grand parade.  Then, of course, Sunday is our church's Homecoming and Halloween! We're planning to take the kids trick-or-treating around our neighborhood, and then we'll come home and have "Mummy" dogs for dinner!  Love it when we have such a fun filled calendar!

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