Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Our little "Alligator"!

Big Sis and Little Brother!

Our little "Funky Fairy"!

Posing with Daddy on the porch!

We had a fun Halloween this evening!  We took the kids out in our neighborhood, and they really had fun!  Asher learned how to say, "Trick or Treat", and remembered to say "Thank You".  He kept saying, "nice to me" after each house!  I think he thought everyone was so nice to give him "nandy"!  So cute!  Katie was a good big sister, and helped Asher up and down stairs! 

Baby update...we'll be 24 weeks along on Thursday.  Things are going ok.  I've had some problems with my blood pressure going up and down, but at least it's not consistently excessively too high.  I had to visit the doctor's office twice last week to check it. It was a pretty stressful week though, so it's not surprising that it was high. I guess I'll have to keep going weekly to monitor it.  My other labs and tests seem to be ok.  We only have about 15 weeks to go!  We're all getting pretty excited to meet the 5th member of our little family!  I'm feeling ok, pretty tired sometimes, but otherwise doing well.  My belly has finally started to look pregnant, rather than just extra fat!  I'm enjoying feeling the little kicks and wiggles of our sweet little one.

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