Monday, February 18, 2008

32 weeks!

I am 32 weeks pregnant this week! Asher boy is just moving so much, and he seems to move and wake more throughout the day. Yesterday in church he was awake for the morning service and the evening cute...just wiggling all over the place. I can't believe we are getting so close to the time of holding and kissing him. None of us can wait. Katie just loves him, and gives my belly hugs and kisses at random, telling her baby brother that "this is Katie and I love you, Asher" Kris talks to him, and I sing and talk to him. Katie prays for him. I can't even imagine the joy of all four of us in the hospital room together for the first time...that is a moment that I look forward very much. So we have 7-8 weeks left to go if he waits for full term. In a way, I hope he comes a tad early, just to avoid a 9 pound baby, but I know that God will take care of it in his timing. On the other hand, the later he comes, the later I can stay home on maternity leave with Katie on her summer break. We are still praying for a miracle so that I can be a stay at home mama. I learned yesterday in Sunday School not to use prayer as a "last resort" but to pray first! I knew that, but somehow I guess I needed someone to give me "permission" to rely on prayer first. I know there are things we need to do to hold up the end of our financial responsibility, and we've been doing pretty good at following our budget. I know God has a plan!

Speaking of plans, Marilyn from our church Sunday School class called and wants to have a church shower for us on March 9th! Yay! I am so very excited! I know it sounds silly to be excited about "getting gifts" but I really just cannot wait! We have been so tight with our money, that I haven't just been shopping like crazy, and getting things for the baby will truly be helpful to us. I feel very grateful that we will be having baby showers...I am blessed.

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