Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The last 24 hours has been: craziness. Kris left for Emporia yesterday, and I realized that I had sent the wrong bank card with him. He had hardly any cash, no other credit cards, and no checks. I called him a bunch of times to figure out what to do. He ended up borrowing some $ from a friend, and is driving home today as scheduled. Katie got home from daycare yesterday, went to the neighbors to play for a few minutes, and came home saying her legs hurt and she was cold. I took her temperature, and it was 102.4! She had a fever for most of the evening...bless her heart. She was achy and just didn't feel good. This morning, at 5:45 am, Maddie was in the back yard for her bathroom break, she escaped out of the fence, and I had to chase her down in my pj's. She still didn't come to me, so I finally went back inside. She finally came when Katie offered her some cheese. Then I spanked her bottom and put her in her crate. I tell you, I don't think things are working out with her. I am so stressed about her all of the time. I worry that our home has doggie odor and it won't be clean for the baby, I worry that she is not out of her crate enough, I don't trust her to be in the house at all anymore. It's so frustrating. I am not sure what to do. Ok-vent over. I just needed to get my frustrations out.

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