Thursday, December 27, 2007

24 Weeks and Merry Christmas!

We're at 24 weeks this week! Only about 16 weeks until we meet our little guy! I can't believe it. Time has gone by so fast, and the next couple of months will fly by as well, I'm sure of it! Asher is really moving a lot, and I think I've felt him have the hiccups. Everytime he moves, I count my blessings. I know that's a lot of counting, but seriously, I do. I feel so blessed to be having another baby. I know that people do it every day, and that people take it for granted, but there's no way that I could ever feel that way...we waited so long. My sister asked when we would like to have our baby shower...woohoo...I can't wait! There are so many things that I still need to get, and because we don't use credit cards anymore, I've been putting it off. I need to get bedding for the crib, a carseat, and a breast pump (lol!) those are the priorities at this point! I have clothes, blankets, and enough diapers to last the first month at least. Sleep is getting a little bit uncomfortable, and I am feeling a little back pain here and there, but otherwise, I'm feeling good!

Merry Christmas! We had a great Christmas this year. After a small (ha!) crazy-pregnancy- induced-nervous breakdown (poor Kris-he's a trooper) on Saturday morning, we traveled to Neosho, MO and spent Saturday afternoon/evening with my family. It was so fun to see Reagan open her gifts, she was so smiley and was just amazed--she has to be one of the cutest babies! I got to hold baby Tre, and feed him his bottle--he is so precious, and reminds me so much of Bobby when he was a baby. Monday evening was spent with Kris's family. We went to church at Jill and Jay's church, and then came back to our house for finger foods and giving gifts to the kids. Christmas morning was a blast! Katie had so much fun, she was so excited about everything! She loved the her presents, and I was so proud of her for her thankfulness and gratefulness. We had a big brunch with my friend Melissa and her family, and everyone played the Wii all morning and part of the afternoon. It was a fun time. I will try and post some pictures here in a bit.

Katie and I have an exciting New Year's Eve party planned! Kris has to work, so Katie and I are going to party it up-just the two of us! Our plans so far (all planned by Katie!) include watching Snow Dogs, doing snappers and whatever other fireworks we can find from our canceled-by-the-flood Fourth of July and eating macaroni and cheese! We thought we might drive to Wal-Mart just before midnight and give Kris kisses to ring in the new year, but it might be safer to stay home. As crazy as it sounds, I am looking forward to just her and I staying up as late as we can in our jammies! Last time we tried this, just the two of us, we didn't make it til midnight! :)

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