Saturday, May 05, 2012

My biggest cheerleader!

I have been thinking a lot about this healthy living business...and I DO mean A's been constantly in the forefront of my mind for these past few days.  I have prayed about it, looked for recipes, talked to people about it, thought about every single thing I've put in my mouth. I have to say that honestly I have been pretty wiped out by late afternoon/early evening, both physically and mentally.  I think there are probably a lot of reasons, lack of caffeine, total change of what is going into my body, maybe the exercise and over-thinking everything.  Yesterday and today I felt just a *tiny* bit discouraged by evening time but I have not given into temptation to eat like I usually do when I feel this way.  I have to confess there were some times when I would have a bowl of ice cream with the family after dinner, and then have another couple of scoops after everyone went to bed.  I feel so good about these changes I have made, and I just need to remind myself that I have the best, most amazing cheerleader on my heavenly father!  I can't imagine Jesus in a cheerleading uniform, but I can see him waving pom-poms or palm branches for me...saying, " I love you---just keep going---you can do this!" Isn't that the most incredible thing?  He loves me.  He loves me.  He loves ME! 

I wanted to share a picture of what I tried for dinner tonight.  We were planning to have chicken fajitas, and normally I marinate the chicken in the oil/water/seasoning mixture, then pour all of that into the pan to cook, and top it with cheddar, sour cream, and salsa in a fajita size or soft taco size flour tortilla.  Today I decided to step out of my comfort zone and change it up quite a bit.  Tonight I marinated the chicken in water/seasonings, and then cooked the chicken and peppers and onions in olive oil.  I used lettuce leaves as my shell, and topped them with fresh salsa, plain Greek yogurt, and less than 1/2 serving of 2% Mexican cheese blend.  It was SO good!  I am just stinkin' excited about how good these were!  (Please excuse my 1990's dishes...I've had them since I was 16, and I just can't bear to part with them!  My mom bought me 16 (yes sixteen---you read that right) place settings of this Corelle Forever Yours pattern, and it stayed in my hope chest from 1990-ish until 1998 when I got married!)

Anyway, I am still hopeful, and normally I've already kind of fallen off the wagon by this stage.  I feel like my energy will increase when my body gets used to these changes. Speaking of changes, today I got on my bike, with the babies in the trailer and rode up and down my street a couple times (just to make sure I wouldn't drop dead or crash into something-it's been so long!) I also went for a walk tonight, because I hadn't gotten in my walk this morning.  I even jogged a few yards here and there (because it was dark, and I was sure noone would see me...ha!)  I know I just need to keep going and listening to my cheerleader!

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