Monday, May 14, 2012

The weekend...

I wanted to write a quick post to update my progress.  I am still plugging along.  We went to Grove to spend the weekend with Kris's parents, so my eating was really different and a little difficult to record on Sparkpeople.  I went over a few of my goals both days, but I am ok!  I went for a short walk (but with a few Oklahoma hills) Sunday morning (1.10 mile), and it was really beautiful seeing Grand Lake so early in the morning as I walked.  I went for my regular walk (2 miles) this morning so I am getting back on track!   I feel like I have hit a couple of bumps in the road emotionally in the past few days (partly due to yucky ol' pms) but  I am working on the realization that I will have to go through this every single month until menopause, so I should kind of get used to it.  I am also realizing that there are going to be situations when things go wrong, when life is goal is to keep things in perspective, and to keep being healthy.  There is no reason to abandon the healthy stuff when bad things happen...keeping my body on the right track will hopefully help me handle the situation better.

We had a really good weekend with Kris's family.  We helped Meme plant flowers and do a little bit of sprucing up around the pool.  Kris and the kids went swimming...the water was still so cold, but they loved it!  Asher got to spend a little one on one time with Meme, helping her in the kitchen.  She told me that he was just so sweet and helpful, made this mama proud.  Katie hung out with Megan,  and they had a great time swimming, watching the Disney channel and just hanging out together.  Claire did a little better sleeping this time, she really has a hard time sleeping when we're away from home.  She had fun being spoiled by Megan and Meme, and really seemed to enjoy exploring all of Meme's pretty home decor...ha!  We had a nice time, just being together.

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