Thursday, May 03, 2012

Put one foot in front of the other...

I just finished my walk for this morning...yay me!  I walked for 30 minutes at a moderate's a start!  I feel good that I got that in this morning!  My legs are twitching...ha...they are wondering what the heck is going on this early in the morning!  One of my bad habits that I want to change is my morning coffee routine.  Morning coffee on it's own doesn't sound too unhealthy, but I usually skip breakfast (and sometimes even lunch) because I drink it all morning, with french vanilla creamer.  Sometimes I'll have 2 cups, sometimes 3 or 4, I know that having breakfast and a huge glass of water would be much better. So...I am going to try and have a little breakfast now...blueberry/banana honey bunches of oats cereal with milk and my big glass of ice water and I am going to read Romans, chapter 12.  I am excited and ready for this change in my life!

My, water, Bible, and medication!

Update:  I wanted to update on how we are doing today.  We are just starting with some small changes with our food, to use up the groceries we have before buying more whole foods because we are on a really tight budget.  Today I've had my cereal with milk for breakfast, a slice of oat bran bread with 1/4 serving of Nutella for a morning snack, Turkey Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Sandwich on oat bran bread with miracle whip (bad-I know) for lunch.  I made a huge salad for dinner looks so very good! 

Just one more quick update:  The salad was so good, and I am encouraged that I CAN do this!  Katie and I played catch in the back yard for quite a while, and I did a little bit of yard work, so I've stayed pretty active all day.   I actually felt pretty good all day until this evening, and I think I have just ran out of gas for the day...pretty sure it's time for bed.  I really want to keep journaling this, today seemed like a pretty long day, just thinking about healthy choices all day, and doing all of the things I usually do.  I felt more positive though, than I have in a long time...I have to keep telling myself that I am WORTH this, and God wants me to keep going!  He is my biggest cheerleader!

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