Sunday, May 06, 2012

Our Sunday...

Kris had to work today, and I have to confess, the kids and I missed church this morning for no good we went to the park in our town early this morning and had the whole place to ourselves.  My "plan" was to have "church" on a blanket in the park.  Katie brought her ipod so that we could listen to some praise music by Chris Tomlin, and I had planned on telling a Bible story---but a turtle stopped by for a visit and all concentration on my Bible story was lost and noone wanted to listen to praise music when all of the zoo animals were singing their morning songs!  So we decided to just enjoy the morning and everything God had created.  It was so pretty this morning, just beautiful sunshine and a warm breeze. 

The little turtle is much more interesting than Mama's version of "The Woman at the Well" Ha!

 My pretty girl!

My handsome boy!

I loved the way the sunlight was shining through Katie's curls!

Claire and I, she wasn't in the mood to have her picture taken today...she just wanted to get down and play!

Asher checking out the Caiman at the zoo.

The tortoise were out of their barn today, all three were walking around--the kids got a real kick out of this!

Other than my temporary pity party because I am in *serious* need of coffee and ice cream, we have had a pretty good day.  I am still working so hard at making good food choices, but it's difficult when we haven't been able to go grocery shopping yet.  I did get plenty of exercise at the park, we walked so much, up and down hills, all over the place!  Tomorrow Kris begins his days off, and I couldn't be happier, I miss him so very much on these long days.  It's amazing how much he helps with the kids when he's helps so much!  I think tonight after we get the kids to bed we are going to catch up on our favorite show...Castle...can't wait to snuggle up to Kris and just rest a little bit!

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