Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dr visit update

I saw the Dr. today. I lost two pounds, and my keytones (sp?) were a little elevated from dehydration. I haven't been drinking as much water, because I don't like making 25 trips to the bathroom every day at work! She was happy with my blood sugars and everything, and I am measuring just fine. Asher's heartbeat was in the 130's today. She wanted me to not lose any more weight, and to drink more water and eat eggs and cottage cheese (seriously-that's what she said! :o) Funny suggestion, but it works for me...I love both of those! She wanted me to come back in one week this time, just to check the keytones. She said I was a good patient, and that I make her life easier. :o) I guess that's a good thing.

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