Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Yesterday Katie didn't have school because of the MLK holiday. I did have to work, however, and had to go to a meeting in Pittsburg. I decided that Katie could come with me, and then we would have a fun lunch and shop a little bit. We went to the Mall Deli and had delicious bagels with munster cheese...so yummy! While we were there, we saw Pastor and Leah Sukraw from our old church-Pitt Naz. Pastor married Kris and I, and we attended there until we moved when Katie was 18 months old. They were so happy to see us. Leah's energy still amazes me. She wanted to know everything about how we were, etc. I found myself just talking 100 mph about the last 6 years in Independence, and they were so happy to hear that we were doing ok! I told her about Kris giving his life back over to Christ several years ago, and it had made him so much more loveable and our marriage so much stronger, we talked about baby Asher coming, and our 10 year anniversary coming up, they were amazed with how beautiful and tall Katie was, and with all of the good things and blessings that God has provided. Somehow, telling them about us made me feel more optimistic about things. Really, the move to "the country" was so good for us. Each time we visit Pitt, we affirm our choice in moving here. Visiting with Pastor and Leah was wonderful, but I think that might be the only thing I *really* miss. I don' t miss keeping up with the Jones, I don't miss the pressure of being in the main office, I don't miss Kris not being who he really is now in Christ. I wouldn't trade that part for anything...his salvation is so much more important than bagels, Jim's steakhouse, Lakeside Park, our beloved sunroom, and all of the good memories I have from living in Pitt. I will always have those memories as long as I am on earth, but our relationship with Christ is eternal.

Oh-and I got my hair cut and eyebrows waxed, so I am feeling much less furry...I was having fur issues because of the vitamins and hormones...I'm better now.

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